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Welcome to Paradise Float Spa

Experience peace and tranquility the moment you enter the front door and continue to feel the relaxation well after you leave. Our flotation therapy offers physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits that have a marked effect on your personal well-being. 

Float Therapy, sometimes referred to as Sensory Deprivation, is the practice of reducing external stimuli to the nervous system. No light, no sound, no gravity, no interruptions. What is left is YOU. Pure, peaceful, blissful, and beautiful you!

External stimuli to your nervous system is like the outside pressure on a balloon. The balloon handles normal pressure quite easily. As pressure increases, the balloon’s shape has to adapt to an unrecognizable shape. Enough pressure and the balloon will eventually explode. In people that explosion looks like a breakdown, panic attack, burnout, or just barely hanging on while saying “I’m fine, everything is fine.” The goal of Float Therapy is to ease that pressure, and with regular floating, prevent an explosion from happening.

A restful state allows the brain to heal a

We offer large, lighted, cabin-style Ocean Float Rooms similar to this image.  You can spread out and even stand up in the room.

Each room has beautiful, relaxing starlit ceilings and blue underwater lights. Especially helpful for beginners or those with anxiety! Our float tanks are LARGE! 7.5′ tall, 7.5′ long, and 5.5′ wide. We have successfully floated a 6’7″ man. 

You will find Paradise a clean, relaxing, zen-like facility. We provide towels, shampoo, and earplugs.  After your session we provide hair dryers, deodorant, and a relaxing lounge to sip tea and reflect on your experience.

Our tanks are sterilized with Viqua UV sanitztion devices, Ozone, and Hydrogen Peroxide. You have a private room and shower.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paradise!

paradise float spa ocean float room

What is Sensory Deprivation?  Watch this Explainer Video:

What is Floating?

Bright Blue Water line Paradise Float Spa