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Did you know that it can take an average of 3 floats before a person can get past the newness of this special environment and truly relax enough to reach a meditative state?

Sadly, some people float once and check it off their ‘Bucket List’. They don’t even know what they are missing.  Imagine if you had done that with KISSING!  First one was awkward, but super glad ya didn’t check it off your bucket list after just one kiss?! 

I realize that encouraging people to float at least 3 times to be able to fully appreciate floating may seem like a marketing ploy. But I can assure you that many people come out of their 2nd float saying “Ok, NOW I understand why you recommend 3 floats!

In fact, the 3 float recommendation is based on a peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled clinical trial¹. We do offer an affordable New Floater Starter Package to get you there!

Float Number One

I call this your “Discovery Float”. During the first float, you are mostly trying to get used to the new environment, figuring out that you can indeed float! You will be trying to find the best position for your hands. Maybe trying the Halo (flotation device to support your head). Possibly even trying to count the stars in the starlight ceiling or search for a constellation. You might even make the rookie mistake of touching your face and getting salt water in your eyes. Your ego-brain may be fighting with you to retain it’s control over you with chatter.

Some common thoughts during a first float:

  1. “Wow, I really do float!” Yes, you will float.
  2. “Weee, how fun to bounce off one side to the other.” Once a 4 year old, always a 4 year old 🙂
  3. “How will I ever stay still for a whole hour?” For some it may require a bit of willpower, however this is a great skill to practice for life outside of the float tank.
  4.  “What if I  fall asleep and don’t hear the music?” We will increase the volume of the music to get your attention.
  5. “It must be more than an hour, she must have forgotten about me and gone home.”  Not to worry, we got you! We are quite proud of our record: Zero floaters left behind, six years and counting!  cool LOL!
  6. “Oh wow, the music has started playing already? That hour really went by FAST!”  Our sense of time has dimensions all it’s own!

Note: Even after this first float, you may feel an intense feeling of relief. Clinical studies have shown that people who have more severe anxiety generally experience the greatest reduction in anxiety than less anxious people.

Float Number Two

You will try to remember all the rookie mistakes you made during your Discovery Float. Your “Monkey Mind” will eventually ease up so you can begin to relax. You will begin to let go of your thoughts, emotions, stress, and anxiety.  Towards the end of this float, your mind may start to deeply relax, entering a very deep alpha wave state. Alpha waves induce feelings of calm, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to absorb new information. 

Float Number Three

Floating is ‘old hat’ by now.  Your mind and body will more fully and quickly relax.  This makes it possible to reach a deep healing state of where you can reach the theta bran wave state.  Theta waves occur in that space just between awake and asleep.

Experts believe that theta waves are important for processing information and making memories. It is in this state that your brain is most malleable, also known as neuroplasticity. Clinical scientists have proven this by attaching functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) measuring devices to floaters in randomized, controlled clinical trials¹. The fMRI data showed that the brain waves of subjects dropped into the theta state after about 40 minutes into their 3rd float.


Timing Of Your Initial 3 Floats

It is important to space these initial floats relatively close together, within 2-3 weeks. This eliminates the need for your mind and body to have to re-learn the experience.  Online booking is available to coordinate with your own schedule. Be sure to block off these time periods on your calendar so you can be available for this important self-care treatment.   

Plan for Next Steps

Foot prints for next steps  at Paradise Float Spa

Once you experience the full effects of float therapy, you will want more. In fact, lots of people say their body reminds them that a float is overdue. 

Stress can be cumulative in nature so it is important for your mental and physical health that you manage that stress consistently and in healthy ways, like floating! 

It may not be for you, but after these initial 3 floats, many people decide to move into a Therapeutic Program for deeper healing or become a member of Paradise Float Spa’s Membership Program to establish a maintenance schedule to keep their stress levels manageable.

Watch this video before you float for tips, to get an idea of what to bring, and what to expect at your first visit to Paradise Float Spa.

Floating 101 at Paradise Float Spa button

Check with your HR department or benefits coordinator as you may be able to use pre-tax, FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) for floating! Note that some plans may require a note from your physician, so please check first!

Sadly the medical establishment has not created a procedure code for float therapy yet and therefore it is NOT covered by most medical insurance plans.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

Please understand that we are a very small business with a limited number of float rooms available at any time.

When a client reserves a float room, that room will be held exclusively for that client. This blocked time prevents any other client from filling that spot.

Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the appointment time will result in a full refund being issued or stored session being replenished for a future float session.

No-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours before appointment will result in the full charge with no refund or the usage of a stored session.