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Paradise is just a float away…

What is Floating?  Watch this Explainer Video:

Benefits of Floating

There have been many studies conducted on floating and sensory deprivation and the effects they have on people. Many of the benefits of floating have been scientifically proven, and many more have tons of anecdotal support from the people who have had experience with floating before. Whether these benefits come from the relaxation, the sensory deprivation, or the magnesium and other minerals in the Epsom salts isn’t clear, but what is clear is the fact that floating is good for you!

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What is Floating?

Simply put, it’s your escape from the stresses of the outside world.
Imagine the deepest relaxation you can attain in a place free from distraction and interruption.
Imagine giving your mind the gift of introspection while giving your body a chance to stop fighting gravity and float effortlessly.
That’s a float spa.
Paradise Float Spa is here to provide that escape for you.
Escape to Paradise!

Why Float at Paradise?

Because we offer top of the line float rooms, a relaxing facility, and a super helpful staff! Experience peace and tranquility the moment you enter the front door and continue to feel the relaxation well after you leave. Our flotation therapy offers physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits that have a marked effect on your personal well-being. Try one of our ocean float rooms today!

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