Paradise Float Spa

Paradise is just a Float Away

Paradise Float Spa

Paradise is just a Float Away

Paradise Float Spa

Paradise is just a Float Away

See What Our Floaters Have to Say About Paradise Float Spa

An outstanding experience. Thank you so much for honoring our veterans with this outstanding experience. 10/10 would recommend for anyone.

– Springer L Blankenship

After an awful week, I went to Paradise Float spa for a treat. The owner, Denise, has provided a special retreat with everything needed to relax from beginning to end. The spa is clean and comfortable and filled with amenities. It took me a while to relax because I was stressed, but I tried all options Denise suggested. Turning off all the lights did the trick. Floating means having no pressure on any pressure points and it was wonderful. Thanks, Denise and Paradise Float Spa!

– Andrea Chamblee

Luxurious, impeccable, and simple! Three words you may not associate with a provider of such an exotic experience. The owner is warm, courteous, and enthusiastic. Amenities such as overhead showers, robes, toiletries, and an afterward lounge are a great plus. The tank is the most wonderful model I’ve experienced! My friend enjoyed it immensely as it was her first time ever and she was curious and eager. This place does not disappoint! Highly recommended!

– Thomas Izaguirre

Paradise truly delivers the best and most stress free float experience! As a “floater” for over a year, every visit leaves me wishing for a return, and introducing friends & family to Paradise has left them feeling the same! Denise and team are awesome and Paradise is truly found when you unwind, and even more so in the post-float lounge!

– Lindsay Kahler

Great experience!! This is only my second time floating but such a huge difference than the prior experience. Paradise takes everything into account from explaining the process, to having lights that you can control in the tub for added comfort level down to luxurious towels for your shower! Wonderful experience and I will definitely be coming back again and again.

– Daniel Johns

This is the second float space I’ve been to and BY FAR, this one beats the other hands down. Why? Because it’s truly spa-like. Lovely and serene waiting area and post-float space, white tanks with lovely star lights on the ceiling (that you can control and turn off if you wish. I didn’t.) and an entire experience that’s dedicated to YOU and your peace. I can’t go back to steel tanks painted black inside because this fits what I need in ways I didn’t even know I needed. Wonderful experience and I’m going back (and taking others!).

– Lisa Mahon Wechtenhiser

The best floating facility I’ve been too. Love that you have the option of lights in the tank (stars on ceiling/ water lights / both or off).Very clean and beautifully decorated. Also love the reflection room afterwards, to sit and have water or tea and relax a bit before leaving. Today was my first visit, but it won’t be my last.

– Brenda Hocking Mulju

I went to Paradise for my first experience with “floating”, and found it far more relaxing and nourishing than any massage I’ve ever had. The price is less than what I paid for 90 minutes massages at Massage Envy. After 90 minutes, sore knees, hands and back from splitting wood were gone, and I was as relaxed as I have been in a long time. That never happened after massage. Paradise is new, immaculately clean everywhere you look and very nicely laid out. The whole place shows an attention to the details of the experience, from the rainshower shower heads to the robe and slippers to the post-float rest area with water, teas, and fruit. I sat there for ten minutes or so, just enjoying the bliss. My wife and I will definitely return to Paradise Float Spa.

– Robert Stalick

“Amazing!!! I am a seasoned floater and this is hands down the best float spa in the DMV.

The float tanks are customizable for individual preferences. Two sets of LED lights – in the tub and above like stars. You can have one or both on or completely black out if you like. The tubs are white and clean! You see exactly what you are stepping into and they are huge rooms. I’ve been to the smaller pods and these are very spacious!

Excited about this brand new opening in Annapolis!”

– Kathryn Elizabeth

What is Floating?

Simply put, it’s your escape from the stresses of the outside world.
Imagine the deepest relaxation you can attain in a place free from distraction and interruption.
Imagine giving your mind the gift of introspection while giving your body a chance to stop fighting gravity and float effortlessly.
That’s a float spa.
Paradise Float Spa is here to provide that escape for you.
Escape to Paradise!

Why Float at Paradise?

Because we offer top of the line float rooms, a relaxing facility, and a super helpful staff! Experience peace and tranquility the moment you enter the front door and continue to feel the relaxation well after you leave. Our flotation therapy offers physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits that have a marked effect on your personal well-being. Try one of our ocean float rooms today!

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