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Testimonials & Post-Float Journal Entries

Paradise Float Spa has gorgeous personal float rooms that include multiple towels and washcloths, all of the toiletries you can imagine, and a rainfall shower. We got ourselves ready for the experience (with a tepid shower) and stepped into the tank. The tanks here have buttons that allow you to control whether you have a lot of light in the tank, a little light, or complete darkness during your float. I go for the complete sensory deprivation and turned out all of the lights.

To imagine the experience yourself, close your eyes. Plug your ears. That’s it. Complete darkness. Complete silence. No crying kids. No one asking for help. No messes staring at you willing you to clean up. No stress. Your mind gets a break from the endless everyday sensory experiences. Once you’re able to fully relax (it might take some time, but you’ll get there), your mind will be rested and recharged. The feeling of zero-gravity will take the pressure off your muscles, and you’ll feel relief in muscles you didn’t even know were tense.

Denise has thought of everything when it comes to the design of Paradise Float Spa. Her space is immaculately clean and looks brand new. There is a post-float relaxation room that is blissful with relaxing chairs, blankets, water, tea, essential oils, and more. From shampoo to contact lens solution to makeup remover, she as toiletries available for whatever you may have a need. She even has hairdryers available for after your float!

-Nicole Donnelly Macaroni Kid Annapolis

What a wonderful relaxing and refreshing I was treated to by my daughter. You just let yourself relax and let the water take you away. No disruptions or outside noises, just time for me and my thoughts. Highly recommend!

-Amy S


Absolute quiet. Absolute stillness. Absolute relaxation. I had a phenomenal experience at Paradise Float. Denise is a pleasure to talk to and makes the unknown of this experience less scary, the space is impeccably maintained and clean, and the experience overall very relaxing and calming. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to recharge and I will def be back.

-Nina W


It was great! Check it out you want to try a different way to relax and feel like your on a cloud. It might even get your creative juices flowing… i’ll try to get some pictures next time…

-Jack J


This was my first time floating, and the entire atmosphere was AMAZING the owner is friendly and welcoming, the tanks have lights that you control which is great for people like me who easily feel claustrophobic,  and the ceiling lights look like stars to help relax you more. I almost couldn’t get out of the tank my muscles were so relaxed!! Highly recommend!

-Breanna W


If you have not tried it you need to!  Especially if you are looking relax, remove stress from your day/week, or just have an hour or hour and a 1/2 totally to yourself!

-Linda S


My friend booked this for me as a birthday surprise! It was the first time experiencing a float spa & I loved it! The owner was very helpful & walked me through every step of the process & then left me to my solitude. Overall, great spot, great professionals, & my float was very relaxing! Thoroughly enjoyed it, will definitely be returning.

-Kate B


Yes, just yes! 

 -H S

Very professional but laid back atmosphere. Everything was clean and ready for me when I arrived. I felt very comfortable…not rushed or hustled. I really enjoyed and see the benefit of this therapy. Once you get settled in you almost feel like a fetus in the womb. I didn’t experience anything profound but it was extremely relaxing. After 90 mins it felt like I was only in for 15 (space time is gone) if you can let your mind go. It was really nice to be alone with myself. I enjoyed myself. One theme that continued to come to mind during the meditation was “you don’t need to be or do anything to be loved” “Your are already loved are love”. It’s been about 4 hours since and I feel very calm, very patient and tolerant of little things that would annoy me and to be honest I miss the quiet time with myself. I recommend it at least once. I’m going next week to see myself again ❤️

-Angela E


Wonderful and relaxing.

-Nicole M


I am a fan of floating and this place is very nice.  They have thought of everything to make your floating experience wonderful including a post float relaxation room.  There is even parking in the back of the building.

-Angela G


It was magical!  I brought my mother in as a birthday treat and it was amazing!  Neither one of us can remember being so relaxed, it was wonderful!!  We will be back!

-Kendra S


Highly recommend this!!  Such relaxation!

-Heather S


Delightful!  Denise is SO warm and wonderful… her TLC and genuine concern for her clientele is beyond evident from every detail of the beautiful Spa to her genuine hug of gratitude for my choosing Paradise Float Spa Annapolis. The area to float in is clean and welcoming. I have claustrophobia & a TBI as well… I was VERY concerned to go in a small space without lights… I was FAR from uncomfortable! The soothing feeling of the silky water, the star lights above the water… the ability to control the lights and to be able to listen to music to soothe me was all spot on! I sat to enjoy a cup of tea sans my cell phone post float and it was a dreamy way to treat in the after float lounge by myself to really enjoy my self care! Thank you Denise for your wonderful energy and welcoming nature! I WILL be back!

-Maggie G


My husband and I both floated. It was very relaxing! I’m claustrophobic, but the float room is very spacious, and you can leave the lights on, so it didn’t trigger me at all. My back and neck hurt pretty much constantly, and right now, after finishing a float, both actually feel pretty good. I’ll definitely return to float another time.

-Chrissy R


What an amazing way to practice self-care!  I always leave feeling relaxed, having more clarity and my mind is at ease.

-AliceAnne L


Amazing experience and great facility!  I need to get back there asap!

-Christie C


10/10 would do again!!!!!

-Michael S


Incredible experience , silky water, relaxation of muscles, joints and mind.  Very clean and beautiful, employees are wonderful!

-Kimberlee M


My entire experience was soothing. Floating is great for all manner of aches & illnesses. It’s so relaxing.  It even helps with jet lag.

-Donna M


What a tremendous experience!  Really helped with my stress level.  My only regret is it’s not closer to me….but I will say it’s worth the drive, very clean, serene and it takes calm to a different level! 🙂

-Sharon L


Great experience! Would definitely recommend this place. Denise is very thoughtful and put us at ease throughout the entire process.

-Mark J


A great way to detox and relax. I’m doing the 6 week program and I’m loving it! Great alternative to massage.

-Patricia M

I’m so happy to have found this piece of paradise located in Eastport! I was greeted by the owner, who made me feel very comfortable.  I’ve heard of some float spa’s that you have no choice but to float in complete darkness, which I do not have a problem with, but I know this can be a big reason why some are so nervous to try.
You have your own space and you have complete control over your session.  You can have the stars on the ceiling on, or you can be in complete darkness. I left Paradise Float feeling like I had a massage.   In a complete different space then when I arrived.  A great way for a much needed mental break!
Cant wait to go back!

-Kelly M


This place is wonderful. I will highly recommend to anyone who needs to relax.

-Amy W


Incredible experience. I love floating in the pool but this goes to another level.  Amazing feeling to lay there and be totally supported. Paradise has lights in case the dark makes you anxious. This level of salt is also not gritty. Better than the ocean.

-Heather B


Fantastic! So relaxed and the tanks have beautiful ambient light if you want. Music. Owner is so sweet!

-Kristine G


This was truly an amazing experience! I can’t wait to come back for my next visit!

-Rachelle P


Wonderful experience.   I am one that has challenges relaxing and it was a success .  Great service and look forward to returning.

-Kristin C


Friendly service, clean facility, relaxing atmosphere.

-Anna R


The environment is cozy while also being spa-like. The experience is very relaxing, I will be back! Definitely recommend

-Akeeta M


I love this place, the float tank is amazingly relaxing,  had a wonderful experience, my skin feels like silk after the float. I highly recommend this place if you have sore muscles, bad back its totally worth it! Going back soon.

-Rose W


So relaxing.  Total silence and just what every mom needs to experience…dad’s too.

-Jenn S


This place is amazing. A relaxing experience and would highly recommend.

-Claire D


I have sent many of my friends for their first float to Paradise Float Spa! Denise is a great owner and her facility is clean and nicely put together. I have floated all over the country and I always look forward to coming back to Paradise.

-Richard H


One of the most profound, amazing experiences of my life.

-M P


The ONLY bad thing about it is that now I want to do it weekly! Awesome experience.

-Robin B


Paradise truly delivers the best and most stress free float experience! As a ‘floater’ for over a year, every visit leaves me wishing for a return, and introducing friends & family to Paradise has left them feeling the same! Denise and team are awesome and Paradise is truly found when you unwind, and even more so in the post-float lounge!

-Lindsay K


This is something everyone should try! The place is excellent and Denise (the owner) is very kind and helpful. Your first float will be an unusual but great experience, and by the end you will want to return! It is an amazing way to unwind, de-stress and escape from the world in the healthiest way possible! Try it once – you will be glad you did.

-David S


Not sure there anything I can compare this experience.  But it was by far the most relaxed I have been in years.  My only regret, it was only for one hour.  But, there will a next time, and a next time after that.

-Sherri L


Great experience!! This is only my second time floating but such a huge difference than the prior experience. Paradise takes everything into account from explaining the process, to having lights that you can control in the tub for added comfort level down to luxurious towels for your shower! Wonderful experience and I will definitely be coming back again and again.

-Daniel J


The owner made sure I felt comfortable as a first-time floater. It’s was incredibly relaxing and really helped out with my seasonal depression. My second float felt just as great. Will definitely go back.

-Jen J


What an indescribable, incredible experience.
I did not feel awkward or uncomfortable even though this was my first time in a float tank! Beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, very private.

-Mary L


THIS is the escape from reality that so many of us are after! What a profound experience for me. I will absolutely be back, I hope very soon!
I highly recommend Paradise Float Spa!  Denise is very friendly and easy to work with.  The spa is a great addition to Eastport and Annapolis.

-A P


I went to Paradise for my first experience with “floating”, and found it far more relaxing and nourishing than any massage I’ve ever had.   The price is less than what I paid for 90 minutes massages at Massage Envy.   After 90 minutes, sore knees, hands and back from splitting wood were gone, and I was as relaxed as I have been in a long time.   That never happened after massage.   Paradise is new, immaculately clean everywhere you look and very nicely laid out.    The whole place shows an attention to the details of the experience, from the rainshower shower heads to the post-float rest area with water, teas, and fruit.   I sat there for ten minutes or so, just enjoying the bliss.   My wife and I will definitely return to Paradise Float Spa.

-Robert S


Amazing!!!  I am a seasoned floater and this is hands down the best float spa in the DMV.

The float tanks are customizable for individual preferences.  Two sets of LED lights – in the tub and above like stars.  You can have one or both on or completely black out if you like.  The tubs are white and clean!  You see exactly what you are stepping into and they are huge rooms.  I’ve been to the smaller pods and these are very spacious!

-Kathryn E


Excited about this brand new opening in Annapolis!
Owner went out of her way to make our anniversary special. Thank you!

-Kiesett C


Very relaxing, clean, and professional!

-Alex P


This was a birthday surprise from my Husband and it was my first time. Wonderful experience all around. This will be part of my normal life now, It made a huge difference in my winter dry skin, not mention better you feel so revitalized!

-Julie C

We provide a journal in our Post-Float Lounge for our guests to record their initial thoughts after their float. This is a sample of those entries.

-A first experience! It was pure joy! I was in a sense of Nirvana! When they claim this this is Paradise, they mean it! I can’t wait for my next float! -Kevin

-First float! Words really can’t explain or begin to describe this experience. You don’t realize how much you need this until you try it. My spiritual journey has led me here and the amount of clarity and awareness was unreal. -Christian

-60 Minutes of pure, weightless bliss! Thank you. -Christine

-Really needed quiet time! Floating was calming. Thanks! -Ripa

-I had reconstructive ankle surgery almost a year ago. This was the first time, since I became injured, that my foot didn’t hurt. -Summer

-I felt like I was floating through my consciousness in outer space. -Bremer

-Recommendation for 2nd float: 1. Stretch before you get in. I would feel how tight my body was as time moved on.  2. Hands over head feels great.  3. Focus on our breath. Release your thoughts. * Overall, I felt super relaxed after and during the experience. I would love to come back and do it again. * -Sean D.

-I loved it! The Gulf of Mexico floating feeling in Eastport. Ill be back for sure. -Jennifer

-I lost my mom and was really struggling with anxiety. First time floating. It was so nice to just exist but not to have to do anything but relax and float. I loved it, it really made me peaceful! Thank you. -Ebony

-What an amazing experience! I had no idea what to except, I didn’t even know what it meant to float. I’m so glad I tried something new. It was fun, relaxing, and just a wonderful way to shut everything off and just focus on being free and relaxed. -Sarah B.

-This was absolutely incredible! -Lauren and Dustin

-First float and will not be my last. Relaxation at its best. I will be sharing this with all of my friends. -Takia

-Great time for my first float. I will be bac, thanks for the recommendation Joe Rogan. -Zach

-First Float – The universe dropped Paradise into my path, and I decided to seize the opportunity to try it out. Came in with no expectations and am leaving knowing I plan to com back again. Didn’t think I’d settle into having all the lights off, but once I eased int it I found I quite liked it! -Robin

-First time…loved every second! Wished I had more time. Will be back a lot!!! -Mike

-1st float, it was wonderful! -Jan

-2nd float and this was better than the 1st. I fell asleep but didn’t even know it until the music cam on. See you next time! -Elizabeth

-Just completed my first float and it was an amazing experience. I came because injuries, especially head ones for headaches. I feel so much better, I cannot wat for my next float! -Derek B.

-2nf float better than the first. Definitely a fan. I will be back. -Karen

-2nd float and I loved it. Feel like Jell-O. “we’ll all float on…” -Birg S.

-AMAZING! What a lovely way to calm the monkey mind, relax and receive healing. I will certainly be doing this again. I used the head float at first but quickly trusted the experience and released it. Thank you!

-What a wonderful journey floating by butterflies. -Jamie

-I felt like floating in the sky. I had a great time. -Jinny

-First time floating and will definitely be back! I started off and ended with seeing nothing other than vibrations. In the middle, I was floating through the universe-becoming one with it. Nothing else mattered-timeless, weightless, and worry free. What a beautiful experience. Thank you for making all this possible. Love and Light!

-I have never had such a relaxing experience! I turned the low lights off at first and just felt like I was drifting off in space, then switched them on to get a different “view”. I felt like all of the stress left my body at that point and my breathing became waves crashing on a beach. I could almost smell the waves and feel the tide. I saw a nice spectrum of color as well.  I will be back soon and inviting some friends! The owner is an absolute sweetheart and just made the whole thing that much more inviting. 1000/10 stars for this place! I am in love. -Ashley

-The worst part of the experience was getting out!!

-I am hooked! I honestly loved it and will be back. I felt like I was sitting in a cloud.

-This was my first time floating and it was absolutely wonderful! I work long hours and am on my feet running around through the week, to catch up on errands, visiting with friends and family and busy weekends. This was such a great way to relax and recharge! I will definitely be coming back! Thanks for such a wonderful experience. -Christine

-First float- cool, relaxing. I feel great with lots of energy. FYI there are 156 blue lights in float room 1. Thanks. -VM

-1st float! Took until the music went off to start to really trust the water and “float” way. Wonderful experience. -Angela

-Truly a mystical experience! A bite-sized piece of heaven on earth! I will be back! Thank you so much!

-What a wonderful and extremely relaxing experience! It was just what I needed and can’t wait to come back! Also, can’t wait to tell mt friends about it! Thanks so much and looking forward to my next float! -Bekka

-Loved my 2nd float! Very relaxing, so glad I got the monthly membership! -Angeline

-This was my first float experience and it was definitely unique experience. My heartbeat was racing, and my mind was all over the place, and then it happened. I allowed my mind and body to relax. It was peaceful. My thoughts would pick back up throughout the float, but I let that happen as well. I focused on mt breathing a couple of times and overall enjoyed the new experience. I’m officially a floater. Thanks Paradise Spa. -NZ

-Definitely a relaxing experience. Love the feeling of weightlessness. -Liz

-This was my first float! It was very relaxing! I loved the feeling of being light. Now I feel peaceful and relaxed. -Kaitlynn

-A complete shut down from “thoughts” or may be so called “chaos”. I actually felt my heartbeat and breath so closely after so long time. Thank you! -Karen Verma

-Very relaxed-took awhile for the body to let goo-but that’s why I came. (:

-Feeling “reset” going into the weekend! The brain so needs to unload now and then. Feeling human again, thank you.

-This was my first float and I feel amazing. All the stress left my body for the first time in years. Thank you! -Katherine

-They say that people who write down 3 things they are grateful for daily have happier and more fulfilling lives… I’ve been testing the theory and I find it true. Today I would love to express my gratitude for such an experience the atmosphere is perfect relaxing and plays on all the senses. So grateful to be able to understand and acknowledge the gift their service brings. Thank you all, with lots of love. -Sierra

-The weightlessness with neck and back problems was an adjustment but settled in nicely! Can’t wait to see the long benefits. Thank you -M

-Very interesting, different and relaxing. I am glad I tried it while visiting Annapolis! -Amy