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Reduce Sensory Overload

Your Nervous System is Overworked

Brain Neurons Firing Float-Based Stress Reduction

Eleven million. That’s how many bits of sensory data that your nervous system receives every second.  However, your conscious mind can only process about 50 bits of data per second*. It’s like taking just a sip of water from a firehose.  Sure, you’ll get water in your mouth, but it’s going to be messy!

  • What if there was a simple, easy treatment to get that brain power back?
  • What if the side effects of that treatment were a reduction in anxiety, stress, and depression?
  • What if that treatment resulted in feelings of serenity instead of chaos, relaxation instead of tension?
  • What if that treatment helped make you an observer of your thoughts instead of a slave to them?

Would you choose a calm mind over a chaotic one?

  • And what if that treatment took only an hour and you literally had to do nothing to get the results?

Would you want that treatment?  It’s a dream for many, but not-so-much for the pharmaceutical companies who would rather sell you an addictive pill with a long list of negative side effects to relieve only temporarily some of your symptoms.


Float Therapy, aka Sensory Deprivation, is that Treatment

By simply reducing the external stimuli, a major portion of your nervous system gets a chance to rest. It’s like hitting the reset button on your brain! Your mind can now focus on things like understanding difficult relationships or memories in your life. Your creative mind is free to come up with that million-dollar idea!

Interoception-The Good and The Bad

Additionally, float therapy offers the opportunity for enhanced ‘interoception’ which is the awareness of the internal state of the body. You might be familiar one form of interoception, your ‘gut feeling’.

Many people with anxiety, they may be misinterpreting their internal signals. For those people, just hearing their heartbeat can stir up memories of previous anxious situations.  That stimuli alone can start the mind to think it’s time to really panic!

However, when floating, the sound of their heartbeat can become associated with the ultra-relaxed feeling of floating effortlessly.  After a few floats to cement that association, that person can remain calm in those situations that would previously have triggered an anxiety-filled experienced.  Such a better way to experience life!

Find the Answer in ‘Paradise’

Paradise Float Spa is a beautiful, calming space with 3 large, light-enabled float rooms to ease you into your float practice.  The float solution is about 10” deep, skin-temperature, and contains 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts.

Can’t swim? No problem. You will float effortlessly! Claustrophobic? No problem, our float cabins are large, with relaxing star-lights in the ceiling and underwater lights to ease you into your float. In fact, claustrophobia is one of those conditions that can be eased with floating.

We are a small, woman-owned business in Eastport. We would love the opportunity to help you improve your life with float therapy at Paradise Float Spa.