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Due to a issue with our suite, Paradise is closed. We are expecting to re-open in early January. We will post updates here as we have them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

(also known as Float Therapy or Sensory Deprivation)

Blue Man Float Therapy -Paradise Float Spa

Float Therapy, sometimes referred to as Sensory Deprivation, is the practice of reducing external stimuli to the nervous system. No light, no sound, no gravity, no interruptions. What is left is YOU. Pure, peaceful, blissful, and beautiful you!

External stimuli to your nervous system is like the outside pressure on a balloon. The balloon handles normal pressure quite easily. As pressure increases, the balloon’s shape has to adapt to an unrecognizable shape. Enough pressure and the balloon will eventually explode. In people that explosion looks like a breakdown, panic attack, burnout, or just barely hanging on while saying “I’m fine, everything is fine.” The goal of Float Therapy is to ease that pressure, and with regular floating, prevent an explosion from happening.

This fast-paced world throws a lot at us. However, sometimes stress comes from our very own minds! Regardless of the source, the resulting stress can result in a whole host of adverse conditions. These include:

✔️ Anxiety

✔️ Depression


✔️ Insomnia

✔️ Decreased Immune Response

✔️ Relationship Problems


✔️ Mental Fog

✔️ Forgetfulness

✔️ Writer’s Block/Lack of Creativity

✔️ Reduced Learning Capability

And more!

Brain Neurons Firing Float-Based Stress Reduction

Floating gives your brain a chance to reset and heal. It gives your mind a chance to observe your thoughts rather than being a slave to them.

The 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt, which is dissolved in the water, will relax your muscles. From the large muscle groups that athletes overwork to smooth muscles that move your blood throughout the body.

The Epsom Salt solution also works to reduce inflammation in the body.  Your aching joints will appreciate that.

If you have a nervous system, you probably need to float!

paradise float spa ocean float room

We offer large, lighted, cabin-style Ocean Float Rooms similar to this image.  No intimidating, cramped pods or black walls with no available lights.

What is Sensory Deprivation?  Watch this Explainer Video:

Benefits of Floating

There have been many studies, including clinical trials, conducted on floating.  Floating can positively affect you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Mental Benefits

Studies have shown reductions in PTSD, stress, general anxiety, and depression.  Those suffering from PTSD, autism, addictions, and anorexia nervosa.

Physical Benefits

Float Therapy has also been used by top athletes, like Stephen Curry, to reduce muscle fatigue and gain mental focus. It’s also great for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) sufferers

Spiritual Benefits

People who meditate or practice mindfulness find float offers an opportunity for even deeper levels of consciousness. Some find the quiet space a perfect time for prayer or affirmations.

Why Choose Paradise Float Spa?

Not all float spas are the same. At Paradise, we proudly offer top-of-the-line float rooms with light controls inside each float tank. Our float tanks are cabin-style Ocean Float Rooms, no cramped pods!

The tanks are LARGE! 7.5′ tall, 7.5′ long, and 5.5′ wide and we have successfully floated a 6’7″ man.

Each room has beautiful, relaxing starlit ceilings and blue underwater lights. Especially helpful for beginners!

You will find Paradise a clean, relaxing, zen-like facility. We provide towels, shampoo, and earplugs. For after your session we provide hair dryers, deodorant, and a relaxing lounge to sip tea and reflect on your experience.

Our staff is super knowledgeable and helpful!

Experience peace and tranquility the moment you enter the front door and continue to feel the relaxation well after you leave.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paradise!