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With a Pandemic Happening, Is Floating Safe?

Lady Floating

We are all trying to learn and adjust our lives to living with an ongoing pandemic.   An understanding of which activities will put us at risk of getting the virus and which activities are safer to do is critical.   In addition, many of us are also struggling to maintain our mental health.

Float Therapy has been shown to be extremely helpful in stress relief by lowering cortisol, calming the fight-or-flight response, and raising endorphins.

We also need a strong immune system to guard against infections or reduce their impact on our bodies.  During a float we are actually boosting our immune system.  This is a very good reason for maintaining a regular floating routine.

Learn more about Floating, aka Sensory Deprivation.

That sounds great!  But is floating SAFE?

First, we follow all the guidelines provided by the Health Department and CDC.

  • Social Distancing was an easy one!  There’s a reason some people call float tanks “isolation tanks”.  One person per tank.
  • Avoiding Crowds >10 is another easy one! We typically only ever have a max of 4 people in the spa at any one time.
  • Face Coverings are optional  Note: Face coverings should NOT be used while floating as it may negatively affect your respiration during your float.

In addition to the standard guidelines above, we also are concerned with Water Safety.  The question of transmission of the virus through the float water solution is unique to this industry.  This, as it turns out, is also an easy one. Coronavirus is not a water-borne and our float solution contains 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salts which is a natural disinfectant killing germs and viruses.

We have already been using UV light to treat the float water solution multiple times between float clients.  According to Jim Malley, an internationally known expert in ultraviolet light and professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of New Hampshire  “UV light, more specifically germicidal UV or far UVC, can be very effective at inactivating viruses, bacteria and other human pathogens and if properly designed and operated can be a successful application for disinfecting PPEs, surgical instruments, air and water”*

Given the increased stress and anxiety that we are all enduring along with our need to stay safe from this virus, Float Therapy has never been more needed than it is today.   If you’ve never floated before, it’s time to stick a toe in…well maybe more than a toe?.  Book a float today!