As you arrive at Paradise Float Spa you will be reminded to EXHALE! and  let your worries go. How to float:
  1. Use restroom
  2. Enter your private Float Suite IMG_20161018_171102718_HDR and lock door behind you
  3. Disrobe and shower (no conditioner)
  4. Pull your hair away from your face and dry face completely
  5. Step into your private Float Room Ocean-Float-Room-02 , shut the door and lie down in the water on your back
  6. Relax and enjoy the peace
  7. At the end of your float music will play, this indicates that your float session is ending
  8. Step out of Float Room, shower and dress
  9. Hair dryers are available just outside the Float Suite for your convenience
  10. Enter the Post-Float Room for complimentary tea or water
  11. On your way out will want to stop by the front desk to schedule your next float or secure an Annual Membership!