90 Minute Float - $90
60 Minute Float - $75

Gift Certificates Available Online and in Store

Annual Memberships
Gold Passport(weekly)
-$500 today, then $295 per month therafter (total of $935 savings!).
Silver Passport(biweekly)
-$330 today, then $150 per month thereafter (toal of $360 savings!). 
Bronze Passport(monthly)
-$92 today, then $80 per month thereafter (total of $108 savings!).


New Floater Starter Package - $199.00  **RECOMMENDED**  It normally takes about 3 floats to really get into your floating groove!
 -(one 60-minute float, and two 90-minute floats) 
Pack of 20 Shareable Package - $1230.00
-60 minute floats
Pack of 10 Shareable Package - $637.50
-60 minute floats

Check with your HR department or benefits coordinator as you may be able to use pre-tax, FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) for floating!  Note that some plans may require a note from your physician…so please check first!

Merchandise  (available in store only)