90 Minute Float - $90
60 Minute Float - $75

Gift Certificates Available for both 60 and 90 minute floats!

Annual Memberships
Gold Passport(weekly)
-$500 today, then $295 per month therafter (total of $935 savings!).
Silver Passport(biweekly)
-$330 today, then $150 per month thereafter (toal of $360 savings!). 
Bronze Passport(monthly)
-$92 today, then $80 per month thereafter (total of $108 savings!).


New Floater Starter Package - $199.00 
 -(one 60-minute float, and two 90-minute floats) 
Pack of 20 Shareable Package - $1230.00
-60 minute floats
Pack of 10 Shareable Package - $637.50
-60 minute floats

 September Special!    
 Unlimited Floating only $299!  Just sign up anytime during the month 
 of September and you can float up to 5 days a week for 30 days.  An 
 awesome way to get a Deep Dive on your floating habit!  Good for Hour or 90 minute floats.
 Reservations are required!

Check with your HR department or benefits coordinator as you may be able to use pre-tax, FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) for floating!  Note that some plans may require a note from your physician…so please check first!

Merchandise  (available in store only)

Colorado Hemp Honey


Individual Chill Sticks: $3.50

Ten Pack Chill Sticks: $30.00

6 ounce Jar: $30.00





Ladies  V-Neck      
Short Sleeved:   $15.00
Unisex Crew Neck
Short Sleeved: $15.00 
Long Sleeved:  $20.00   


Muse  the brain sensing headband:     $250.00
(with carrying case)   
Train your brain to meditate!