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Got a question for Naked Barb E?  Just ask.  She’s happy to help!

Naked Barb E simulating the floating experience

Naked Barb E simulating the floating experience

Q: Dear Naked Barb E.,

I notice that you are floating in the buff.  Do I HAVE to be naked to float?

Signed, I Got Clothes Under My Clothes!

A: Dear Under Clothes,

Heavens No!  You don’t HAVE to be naked…You GET to be naked!  Understand that you will be in a private, locked suite and will shower just before and again after floating.  The reason floating naked is the best option for your float is to eliminate any tactile sensory input.   Tugging on a bathing suit could create a distraction for the mind and prevent the best floating experience possible.  However, if you REALLY want to float with a bathing suit, that’s ok.

Q: Dear Naked Barb E.,

How is the water kept clean?

Signed,  Aquaman

A: Dear Aquaman,

First let me say I have always been a big fan!  Superheros are the best!  You can be assured that the water will be regularly tested and kept in optimal condition.  Between each float, a pump will draw all the water through a sophisticated system which exposes the water to not only a filter, but also UltraViolet light and Hydrogen Peroxide.  The 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts additionally provides another level of disinfectant.   Many Health Departments, once they understand more about floating, consider float tanks to be very minimal risk.  However, Paradise Float Spa will be contracting with Chesapeake Environmental Lab to ensure the highest quality and safest water.  Only the Best for Paradise Float Spa!

Q: Dear Naked Barb E.,

I have claustrophobia.  No way I’m voluntarily climbing into a tiny pod!

Signed,  Don’t box me in!

A: Dear Boxie,

No need to fret, my friend!  At Paradise Float Spa we anticipated this concern and purchased the most beautiful, spacious Float Rooms on the market.  The Float Rooms

  1. Are huge at 7.5′ tall, 7.5′ long and 5′ wide.  
  2. Have an easy way out with a large door that swings open easily (you can even leave the door open to the float suite if you like).  You are in control!
  3. Has lights inside that the floater controls, both star lights in the ceiling and lights under the water.  Leave them on if that makes you more comfortable at first.  You are in control!
  4. Has an alarm button that rings to the front desk in case of emergency.  You are in control!
  5. You are free to sit up or step out of the float at any point.  You are in control!

I hope you will at least give floating a try.  Many people have found that their anxieties are reduced by floating regularly.

Q: Dear Naked Barb E.,

When is a good time to float?

A: Dear Good Time,

Anytime!  However, you will want to wait to float if you have any of these situations:

  1. Recently shaved (Don’t shave within a couple of hours of a float to avoid stinging from the micro-scrapes to your skin by the razor)
  2. Recently dyed hair (Wait 1-2 weeks after applying hair dye, until your color no longer bleeds out in your shower)
  3. Just got a new tattoo (Ouch!  Wait until your skin has healed to avoid the burn from the Epsom Salts)
  4. Not feeling well (Please don’t share your bug with others, wait until you are not contagious)
  5. Suffering from incontinence (of any kind)
  6. Suffering from Very Low Blood Pressure (Floating naturally lowers blood pressure)
  7. Any other medical condition-please check with your doctor before floating (He/She may want to schedule an appointment too!  Don’t be selfish 🙂  )

Now to answer your question directly:

  1. You are feeling stressed.  Even at a PTSD level.
  2. You are experiencing pain.  Whether it be from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Back pain, etc.
  3. You have done a tough work out and you want your body to recover quickly.
  4. You suffer from Insomnia.
  5. You need to be able to focus on learning or just get creative juices flowing.
  6. You are a human with a central nervous system.  

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