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Paradise Float Spa is now open in Eastport, the heart of the MRE (Maritime Republic of Eastport), Annapolis, Maryland. We opened our doors December 2016.  Annapolis Mayor , Mike Pantelides, returned 2 weeks later to indulge in a float!  Wondering when Gavin will get his post-float glow…

We have 3 large, luxurious, lighted Ocean Float Rooms for your enjoyment.  Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience before, during and after your float.  There are many benefits that can be derived from floating and we want to maximize the results you may derive.  Check out the inside of an Ocean Float Room in 360!






Denise Pearson, the owner, is passionate about exceeding your expectations.  

Denise’s favorite saying: “I own Paradise!”

Denise found floating in Colorado after visiting a dear friend who shares her house with 12 crazy dogs.

Ricki Ray

Ricki Ray


Totally enjoyed the dogs, but really 12?? 

This little girl was the toothless mouser of the pack 🙂   




A bit overwhelming for a gal with 2 little, quiet bunnies!  

Lucky and Zoey

Lucky and Zoey






Feeling rather stressed after traveling across country and two nights living with the pack, she decided to find a hotel and looked for a massage.  Instead of a massage, she noticed a listing for Healing Waters Mind and Body Float Studio in Northglenn, Co.  After an hour in that tank, she emerged stress-free!  Immediately she decided that she must do this again.  After just a few more floats, and probably some involvement from the universe, she decided that she wanted to bring floating to others so she could see the ‘post-float glow’ in her own clients faces.  Paradise Float Spa was then conceived. 

She believed she could, and so she did.

Previously, Denise worked many years in the pharmaceutical industry.  The pharma industry can be extremely stressful with layoffs, outsourcing, competing  priorities all on tight delivery schedules…I know, i know, just like your job!   We all need and deserve a way to manage that stress effectively and floating is a wonderful, natural solution.

I can’t wait to see your happy, glowing faces emerging from quite possibly the best relaxation tool on the planet!

Making the world better, one float at a time.

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